Minute Story

It has been increasingly felt that the art of storytelling is not as promoted as it should be. The Minute Story app aims to change this. Storytelling especially through the means of visual imagery has proved to be a powerful method of creating impact on minds.

Minute Story designed with an engaging interface and consisting of easy to understand tools is an app that encourages everyone to delve into storytelling. Based on the philosophy of in-phone editing, the app is a time-saving method to complete video stories.

The app can be used to record live stories or import old video clips from the device’s gallery. The interactive layout of the app then allows the users to edit the clips by adding sound and transitions to it.

The result is a short film spanning a minute, made only in a few minutes. Minute Story also includes a Share option with which users can share their final video story on various social media platforms.


*Note: Download the android application zip file, extract it and install.