School 60

Every year, 60 Second International Film Festival conducts workshops on film-making in various national and international institutes. School 60, is a new initiative by the 60 second Intl. Film Festival which is dedicated exclusively towards workshops and training.

The curriculum for School 60 comprises of an extensive, focused outline of three major components, namely:

  1. The art of storytelling
  2. Introduction to photography
  3. Introduction to film-making

The workshops and training will be conducted all year round, either as collaborations with different implementing partners or standalone workshops under the 60SIFF banner.

School 60 has been designed in way that it is able to create socially aware filmmakers who can use the medium responsibly, foster positive learning experiences, and advocate social change through the medium of film-making and storytelling.

The module aims to encourage youngsters to pursue film-making as a career and engage with like-minded creative individuals through the School 60 Alumni.

Course Outline

The workshop will address the following three main components


  • Purpose of storytelling
  • Types of stories
    • Personal narratives
    • Awareness messages
    • Coverage of event(s)
  • Pitching the idea
    • What story do you want to tell?
  • Story development
    • Character-driven
  • Three steps of storytelling
    • Setup
    • Conflict
    • Resolution
  • Planning the shots
    • Sequencing of shots
  • Basic film terms
    • Frame, Voice-over, Pan, Tilt, Zoom, A-roll, B-roll

Introduction to Photography

  • Lighting
    • Three-point lighting
    • Tips for shooting outside
  • Principles and Composition of Photography
    • Rule of thirds
    • Leading lines
    • Diagonals
    • Framing
    • Figure to ground
    • Fill the frame
    • Center dominant eye
    • Patterns and Repetition
    • Symmetry

Introduction to Filmmaking

  • Basic Film Terms
  • Phases of Filmmaking
    • Pre-production
      • Story Idea
      • Story Treatment/Narrative
      • Shot breakdown
      • Storyboarding
    • Production
      • Grammar of shots
        • Vista Shot, Extreme Long Shot, Long Shot, Mid Shot, Close Up Shot, Extreme Close Up Shot, Point Of View Shot, Over The Shoulder Shot
      • Shot angles
      • Rules while filming
      • 180 degree rule
      • Rule of thirds
    • Post-production
      • Editing
      • Adding sound
      • Adding text
      • Adding effects